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A week with my Cousin

Despite all that good time jolly stuff and great food and wine we managed to enjoy ourselves. Rob reminded us of something we know but don’t always remember (I blame traffic and stressful stuff like jobs): that everything in life can be and should be fun. Rob has one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I know and everywhere he goes he makes friends. Even among the sometimes jaded LA folk it is futile to attempt to deny his charms, even as he tells pretty ladies to ‘git ‘er done’.


And now for another word on marriage

I say, bring on the gay weddings and please invite me. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate… just saying.

Fast & Furious, if by furious you mean fun

The races are a tribal gathering and a battlefield fueled by adrenaline, Subway sandwiches, potato chips, sexual tension, Coke, Pepsi and raw, out-of-control speed.

In Honor of the just passed Valentine’s Day

Its my opinion that if you love each other like every day is Valentine’s Day then the actual holiday is pretty laid back and fun.