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The Learning Curve

The best thing we can do for ourselves, our children and our future is to reverse our current budgetary policies and get back to putting our money toward education and especially great teachers and a complete curriculum. Then the prison situation will largely take care of itself.


My New Life

In the past year my life has changed a lot. I have become a text fiend, I read fewer books (except while doing cardio at the gym) and I get most of my news from Facebook and Twitter. At this time a year ago I didn’t know what Twitter was. I was putting in the […]

How Facebook and Twitter could save the world

If you let history happen to you and you never stand up for what you think is right you will never make your mark on history and you will certainly not be remembered.

Dear Blog – I’m cool

I know you’re gonna want to tell everyone you know me cuz I was rad enough to be a part of this and that’s cool with me. You do what you gotta do, blog.