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An Unexpected Gift

On my way out to work yesterday I saw a bird with a broken wing hopping around. He avoided me as I got closer and I thought about how I could help him. I was late, I couldn’t take him into my home with my cats, I didn’t know if the vet would take him and then he hopped into a bush and I got in my car and drove to work. This felt like another opportunity to do something good and again I’d failed.


Sooooooooo Close

I’ve tried to be winning all the time ever since Charlie made clear that anyone with a pulse can do it. And so in the, “Duh, winning” category this week I bring you the near completion of my new tables. Sure, I said ‘near completion’ rather than ‘successful completion’, but as I learned from my […]

The Bridge to Nowhere

On Sunday I took a hike toward a place called The Bridge to Nowhere with my friends Rachel and Amy. And I want to admit to you, here and now because I value our relationship, that we didn’t quite reach it.

Violinists on the Titanic

We continue to hear that things are getting better in our economy, that the recession is finally over at the same time we’re hearing that the big banks we bailed out continue to do risky business as usual. As we hear that unemployment is improving we also see that the unemployment numbers continue to get higher. So where is the improvement coming from? The millions of dollars we are printing? I don’t think so, that’s nothing but a bucket trying to bail water out of the Titanic as it goes down.


To me perseverance is like the way a drug addict keeps coming back, looking for those luscious moments of great high and hoping they’ll last forever.