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Fed up, the people take to the streets once again.

Let’s talk about Occupy Wall Street and why you should be paying attention to the movement that’s sweeping the nation. Remember not too long after the turn of the last century when women got all uppity and wanted the right to vote? They protested and the cops beat them up and put them in jail, […]

Who says I can’t drive 55!?

Eventually we made it home and I found I’d actually enjoyed driving 55. Of course I could see the parallel to my own life, which is being lived at the highest rate of speed I can maintain. I know how stressful this lifestyle is and I’m pretty sure I can shake off my disdain for living in the slow lane if I try. But I’ll have to think about that later, right now I’ve got a million things to do in a short amount of time. Gotta go!

Fast & Furious, if by furious you mean fun

The races are a tribal gathering and a battlefield fueled by adrenaline, Subway sandwiches, potato chips, sexual tension, Coke, Pepsi and raw, out-of-control speed.