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Things I’m Learning in School, Part 1

Hello, Intrepid Reader! I intend to write a multi-part series on things I’m learning in school. This series will not be consecutive blogs. Nope, I have to break it up with “Other Things”. Without further ado, here’s part 1: In case you don’t yet know, I’m pursuing a 4 year master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. […]

When Life was Simpler

Things weren’t perfect, though. Conor was between jobs and we didn’t have much money. Our early forays into home ownership had proven fruitless because we couldn’t afford so much as a fixer upper in the middle of Compton (whereas now we can afford a nice 3 bedroom in the heart of Compton with minimal bullet hole damage. Yay, us!) We hadn’t yet figured out the whole ‘when are we going to breed’ question to our mutual satisfaction and Conor kept nagging me about getting cats, which I was opposed to because I thought I’d end up having to do all the work of taking care of them.

In Bloom

There is something so satisfying about getting into a project where you physically work, get your hands dirty and create something beautiful.

My first blog of 2010

All that said, there is nothing like coming home. It makes you remember and appreciate that you have this home, this sanctuary that you have set up in a part of the world where you (hopefully) have chosen to live and that it’s all yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are here! It’s a time to enjoy family, hopefully a little time off from work and a time to shop for more things for others to be thankful for.

Ah, the table building

She learned that its the glue that holds things together, not just the promises and good intentions to get things done. Oh, and that a cold beer after manual labor really is one of the better things in the world.