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Retrograde, Schmetrograde

Those who know me will vouch for my excessive organization skills and attention to detail. And yet, last week I don’t think a day went by when I didn’t send my husband a text along the lines of, “I forgot deodorant today”, “I left my lunch in the fridge today”, “I forgot to shave the 80 pound gorilla”.


A Talk with a Member of the Tea Party

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and several of you have mentioned it to me and I’m sorry. Given my current schedule I may not be able to make my regular Tuesday deadlines but I’m still here and I’ll still write to ya when I can. And now onto the good stuff. […]

Trust Issues Part 1

In an effort to get away from sugar and artificial sweeteners I started using agave about a year ago. I liked the taste and I liked that it burned four times more slowly than sugar in your system so it wouldn’t give you a sugar rush and crash. Plus, agave was a natural plant extract so it was healthy and natural, not some crap made in a lab that might make me grow a suspicious third nipple at some point (I guess really any additional nipples are by default suspect).

What’s going on in Georgia

No matter where you stand on the abortion issue I think it’s the right thing to do to be appalled by fear mongering tactics. We all have the right to make decisions based on logic and reason and free of fear. If you’re peddling fear to reach your goal then it’s my firm belief your argument most likely doesn’t hold water.

People Will Surprise You

Whatever you think about Charlie Sheen or President Obama, I think you’ll find this very very interesting. Both Charlie and Barack are surprising. Charlie is meticulous and well thought out, his arguments are intelligent and Obama is amazingly angry and defensive. He’s more reminiscent of the Bush-world than he is the Transparent President he professed to be.

What I wish Obama would say at town hall meetings

Healthcare. Who knew it would eclipse such hot button issues as the bank and auto maker bailouts, the legality of abortion or the rights of gay people to marry?

6 Months Since My First

Six months ago I started this blog with President Obama’s Inauguration. That was a great day and I was very proud, once again, to be an American. So how do I feel now, six months later? Slightly less enthused. I have to be honest. I feel that the hope from the red, white and blue […]