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Back when I was Dating Weakly

Here are two videos from a comedy project I worked on a while ago called Dating Weakly. Dating Weakly is a service which hooks the people no one wants to date up with other people no one wants to date, thus creating high functioning and happy relationships.


The Great No-TV Experiment

The more technology advances the more it seems to isolate us from each other, even as it connects us. I’d say that’s even true of social networking. Even though I now know what you’re snacking on at your desk and all about your dog’s digestive health I may not have seen you in person in a year or more, despite our living in the same town.

It’s Not Always Easy Being Green – but I’m Trying

The past month or so I’ve been doing 3 things to be more environmentally friendly: I’ve started riding my bike or walking to places within about 3 or 4 miles of me. I’ve even taken to riding the bus, something it’s taken me 15 years of living in Los Angeles to do. And I’m turning into my mom and recycling my stories, telling them repeatedly to people who’ve heard them before. Stop me if I’ve already told you this…

Imagine, Compare, Complain and Focus on the positive

Say for instance you got a job. And it was an exciting job in a fascinating and glamorous field like television. What could be more awesome, right?

In Honor of the just passed Valentine’s Day

Its my opinion that if you love each other like every day is Valentine’s Day then the actual holiday is pretty laid back and fun.