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Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Your Pain

This holiday season, as we attempt to balance our recession-lightened wallets with our desire to shower our loved ones with goodies, remember that the number one thing they most likely want (aside from a Lamborghini) is to feel good about themselves. Sure, you give all of your nearest and dearest constant adoration, praise and compliments […]

It’s February 1. Do I know where my New Year’s resolutions are?

Last year I hit the gym in January and was all set to make it my bitch but found out that 40 million other Los Angeles residents thought the gym was a clown car flash mob and tried to squeeze into it for the whole month. So… I stopped going because I find it counterintuitive to stand in line for an hour to march on a treadmill for 20 minutes.

The Great No-TV Experiment

The more technology advances the more it seems to isolate us from each other, even as it connects us. I’d say that’s even true of social networking. Even though I now know what you’re snacking on at your desk and all about your dog’s digestive health I may not have seen you in person in a year or more, despite our living in the same town.

The Holidays are upon us!

I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by my holiday shopping; I want to get everyone exactly what they want and I want to do it on a budget, so it’s quite a balancing act. After a day of contemplating my list I was feeling very tired as I sat down to write my blog […]

Headshot Party

The problem with shooting headshots is that it’s one of the most nerve wracking things we have to do. Not only does the picture have to look exactly like us, it also has to convey personality and the wide world of possible characters we can play.

In one picture.

We Need Each Other

I don’t know when friendship day is but I wanted to take this blog to let my friends know how important you are to me and that every day is friendship day to me. Except my birthday. That day really is all about just me.

The highlight of my weekend

From the moment I walked in we started talking and never stopped for four hours. Somehow we managed to consume a large amount of sushi between sentences but otherwise our mouths never stopped gabbing.