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The Bridge to Nowhere

On Sunday I took a hike toward a place called The Bridge to Nowhere with my friends Rachel and Amy. And I want to admit to you, here and now because I value our relationship, that we didn’t quite reach it.


The Long Drive

Anything could be possible on a long drive with the expanse of the road stretching before you and behind you and the cruise control that keeps us from focusing inward on a daily basis has been disengaged.

The Story of Stuff

I like to buy stuff. I like to have the latest and greatest in electronics and fashion. I want to keep up with Joneses, even though there is a big part of me that fully rejects the idea of being concerned with such things as fashion, having the latest and greatest and buying into the notion of name brands. And why should I even care what the Joneses are doing? What makes me think their taste is so great? They probably listen to R. Kelly and put out human-sized waving Santa Clauses on their lawn every December 1.

It’s Not Always Easy Being Green – but I’m Trying

The past month or so I’ve been doing 3 things to be more environmentally friendly: I’ve started riding my bike or walking to places within about 3 or 4 miles of me. I’ve even taken to riding the bus, something it’s taken me 15 years of living in Los Angeles to do. And I’m turning into my mom and recycling my stories, telling them repeatedly to people who’ve heard them before. Stop me if I’ve already told you this…