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A Talk with a Member of the Tea Party

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and several of you have mentioned it to me and I’m sorry. Given my current schedule I may not be able to make my regular Tuesday deadlines but I’m still here and I’ll still write to ya when I can. And now onto the good stuff. […]

Holy hot button issue, Batman!

To discriminate against the cultural center’s building in that location and against the people who practice the Muslim faith makes us guilty of the very crimes we’ve traveled halfway across the world and mortgaged our financial future for many generations to fight in Iraq – religious intolerance. Does that make sense to you?

What’s going on in Georgia

No matter where you stand on the abortion issue I think it’s the right thing to do to be appalled by fear mongering tactics. We all have the right to make decisions based on logic and reason and free of fear. If you’re peddling fear to reach your goal then it’s my firm belief your argument most likely doesn’t hold water.

…And That Was When I knew Adults Don’t Have All the Answers

The crazy train had left the station, though, and we were all on board. The administration decided that several of us should be expelled and that everyone who set pen to paper in that book should be suspended. Parents were up in arms; they didn’t see what was so bad about what we did. Then the local news got wind of it and everyone in the not so small town of Reno knew our business.