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Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Your Pain

This holiday season, as we attempt to balance our recession-lightened wallets with our desire to shower our loved ones with goodies, remember that the number one thing they most likely want (aside from a Lamborghini) is to feel good about themselves. Sure, you give all of your nearest and dearest constant adoration, praise and compliments […]

My First Short Story

My sister called me on her drive home to San Francisco after Christmas. I was in the grocery store and she skipped the greeting and went right to: Do you remember a guy named Thomas Andrew Young? I told her it sounded familiar but that I was not sure who the person was.

My first blog of 2010

All that said, there is nothing like coming home. It makes you remember and appreciate that you have this home, this sanctuary that you have set up in a part of the world where you (hopefully) have chosen to live and that it’s all yours.

The Holidays are upon us!

I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by my holiday shopping; I want to get everyone exactly what they want and I want to do it on a budget, so it’s quite a balancing act. After a day of contemplating my list I was feeling very tired as I sat down to write my blog […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are here! It’s a time to enjoy family, hopefully a little time off from work and a time to shop for more things for others to be thankful for.