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Retrograde, Schmetrograde

Those who know me will vouch for my excessive organization skills and attention to detail. And yet, last week I don’t think a day went by when I didn’t send my husband a text along the lines of, “I forgot deodorant today”, “I left my lunch in the fridge today”, “I forgot to shave the 80 pound gorilla”.


Big Red Conversation Starter

I recently bought myself this big shiny bright red bag.

People think it’s a purse. A giant purse. The kind of purse that devours today’s giant purses in one big bite. And because of its sheer size and red-redness people can’t help but comment on it.

I made this!

He chose chocolate so I set about searching the intarwebs far and wide for recipes. I was looking for something with whole and real ingredients, such as butter instead of vegetable oil. If you’re going to make a cake, make a cake, you know? When it comes to baked goods a person should never mess around, yumminess is not to be trifled with.

Violinists on the Titanic

We continue to hear that things are getting better in our economy, that the recession is finally over at the same time we’re hearing that the big banks we bailed out continue to do risky business as usual. As we hear that unemployment is improving we also see that the unemployment numbers continue to get higher. So where is the improvement coming from? The millions of dollars we are printing? I don’t think so, that’s nothing but a bucket trying to bail water out of the Titanic as it goes down.

Week One of National Novel Writing Month

I woke up very early the day after Halloween and my story was percolating in my brain. Rather than enjoy the last few post dawn moments snuggled in the comfy bed of the Bed and Breakfast where Conor and I celebrated our 4th anniversary, I got up and started writing.

Headshot Party

The problem with shooting headshots is that it’s one of the most nerve wracking things we have to do. Not only does the picture have to look exactly like us, it also has to convey personality and the wide world of possible characters we can play.

In one picture.

…And That Was When I knew Adults Don’t Have All the Answers

The crazy train had left the station, though, and we were all on board. The administration decided that several of us should be expelled and that everyone who set pen to paper in that book should be suspended. Parents were up in arms; they didn’t see what was so bad about what we did. Then the local news got wind of it and everyone in the not so small town of Reno knew our business.