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Maybe they should call it Internet Rage

If our politicians won’t be role models to us, let’s be role models to them. If someone doesn’t agree with your point of view, that’s okay. Agree to disagree. It doesn’t make the other person a dangerous right wing/left wing nutjob. I promise. Let all the hot button topics stop being hot buttons – the Iraq war, abortion, gay marriage, vaccinations – the list goes on and on – and let the person who holds each point of view be a fellow human with their own point of view.

And if you think that’s a stupid idea then just go ahead and unfriend me, jerk.


The Long Drive

Anything could be possible on a long drive with the expanse of the road stretching before you and behind you and the cruise control that keeps us from focusing inward on a daily basis has been disengaged.

Everything Old Is New Again

There are no new ideas under the sun, only our own interpretations of them. With this in mind, we should respect the creative minds who’ve come before and do our best not to discount those fuddy duddies for daring to continue to exist on our planet. Thanks, Dad!

Being me

Keeping any thought going for a long period of time is a challenge. We all know our society is set up to constantly distract with shiny and desirable objects and our focus softens if we don’t work hard at keeping it sharp.

My First Short Story

My sister called me on her drive home to San Francisco after Christmas. I was in the grocery store and she skipped the greeting and went right to: Do you remember a guy named Thomas Andrew Young? I told her it sounded familiar but that I was not sure who the person was.

Fast & Furious, if by furious you mean fun

The races are a tribal gathering and a battlefield fueled by adrenaline, Subway sandwiches, potato chips, sexual tension, Coke, Pepsi and raw, out-of-control speed.