My Husband the Doctor

A year ago my husband started studying for a degree in Oriental Medicine.

He was drawn to the practice after acupuncture cured a herniated disk in his spine and saved him from needing surgery.

His four year master’s program includes acupuncture, herbology and, in the U.S., covers a comprehensive understanding of western medicine’s terminology, treatment and philosophy.

Yesterday he began his first rotation in the clinic, observing more advanced students as they treat patients under a supervisor’s care.

To say that I am proud of him would be an understatement. Did I also mention that he works full time while studying more than full time? And he still finds time to play video games. He is extremely organized that way.

And, he looks damn good in a lab coat.


Due to a possible change in the title of acupuncturists in California my husband will most likely be known as Doctor of Oriental Medicine when he graduates because a doctor is in fact what he will be. The educational process not only covers eastern and western medical subjects but includes more intense study of some subjects western medical students gloss over only briefly in many schools, like nutrition.

Some people are dismissive or Oriental Medical school (known as OM school), saying that it’s not really medicine when in fact it is the oldest form of medicine humans have. It’s just not the kind that makes really rich doctors.

Conor has a great passion for acupuncture and a very natural feel for it. He knows where people feel their pain and how to make it better. It’s very impressive.

When I start feeling overwhelmed with all I have on my plate all I have to do is look at all that Conor is doing and then I know that I can take care of my to-do list too. It’s all about time management. Or unrealistic optimism.

Either way, as my cousin Rob says, ‘Git ‘er done.’


3 comments on “My Husband the Doctor

  1. That’s GREAT news!!! Although they might consider changing the title; somehow the acronym for Doctor of Oriental Medicine doesn’t bode well. “hello sir. I’m Conor Logan – AKA: Dr. DOOM.” 😉

  2. Dr. DOOM would be PERFECT!!!!

    Every time I say it, however, I need affective music to back me up…. dun dun DUUUNNNNNNNNN

  3. You ROCK Conor!!!!!

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