A week with my Cousin

My mother has a brother. He has five sons. They are my only first cousins on either side of my family (though we have a great extended family of slightly further removed cousins on both sides as well). Due to a bit of a geographic divide and a small age gap my sisters and I didn’t really know our cousins well while we were growing up.

my mom, her brother Bob and their father

Once my sisters and I were grown up and into doing fun things like getting married and throwing birthday parties for our grandfather my cousin Rob came down from Canada for our family events, no matter how far flung they were.

Grandpa and some of his grandkids at his 90th birthday party

Rob’s always the hit of the party. People in my husband’s family remember him as the Dancing Cowboy at our wedding because he’s a fantastic dancer and he was dressed in this awesome outfit:

My cousin Rob with my sister Danielle at my wedding 2005

Rob raises a toast at our wedding

Recently Rob came down to Los Angeles to spend a week with us and I had no idea what kind of week I was in for.

It was as much a vacation for us as it was for him. We did some things we never do even though we live here. We drove up to the central California wine country and did some wine tasting which I am never opposed to but never get around to doing.

Our first stop - Bridlewood Winery

We descend upon the wineries without warning

We brought a little wine home from our trip

Rob found cute shoes for his wine glass

The rest of the week we visited Beverly Hills and Venice Beach among other fun LA sights. We had some amazing dinners, some we cooked, like this one:

Rob was worried Farmer's Market grub would be weird but he loved it once he tried it. Here: multi-colored carrots, a variety of colored roasted potatoes and bison steaks

and some we ate out, including an incredible dinner at one of our favorite places, Marino’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood. Rob and Mario, the owner, conspired to put even more fantastic wine on our palates. And still I was not opposed.

Despite all that good time jolly stuff and great food and wine we managed to enjoy ourselves. Rob reminded us of something we know but don’t always remember (I blame traffic and stressful stuff like jobs): that everything in life can be and should be fun. Rob has one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I know and everywhere he goes he makes friends. Even among the sometimes jaded LA folk it is futile to attempt to deny his charms, even as he tells pretty ladies to ‘git ‘er done’.

After a long night of beer pong at Big Wangs in Hollywood and a wide variety of beverage consumption it was time for Rob to go. I admit that I was exhausted as we drove him to the airport worn out and hungover. And as soon as he was gone we missed him, even the nearly non-stop choo choo train whistle that signaled his incoming text messages. I still hear that damn sound in my dreams. Rob is a popular guy.

I hope he comes back to visit again soon.


4 comments on “A week with my Cousin

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  2. I am having a TOTAL post-menopausal blank. I totally do not remember Judy’s brother as Bob. I keep picturing times together, even staying with ??? and Joan but I don’t remember his as Bob. This is not a good thing. This is my cousin! I need a memory adjustment.

  3. Pam – He also goes by El. You most likely called him that.

  4. that’s my little bro,always on the go

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