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Back in San Francisco

Several moons ago I lived in the fine city of San Francisco while still a young whippersnapper. My dad and I shared a great little place on Cathedral Hill and I spent my days working and going to school in the city which, to me, was a lot of fun.

Our apartment building in San Francisco

I’ve come back to visit the city many times since I pulled up stakes and hauled my cookies to Los Angeles. Though my dad no longer lives here I have a sister who does and so I always have a good reason to stop by.

A few years ago I spent a short time in town working on a television show and those days were quite possibly the coldest the planet has seen since the last ice age. I called my sister and begged her to let me borrow all of her ski clothes and then I put them all on at once and hoped to ward off frostbite. Yep, it was that cold in sunny ol’ Northern California in the lovely month of April.

It’s been a year since I last visited and being back in San Francisco reminds me of a few very important things:

1. Shopping is always better when you’re passing through a great city like this one. I may go months or years without finding things I want to buy when looking for clothes, but coming to San Francisco with limited trunk space has led me to find all manner of great fashion available. Its like Murphy’s Law but it looks good in my closet.

2. The city’s gentle breezes can slap you in the face with icy fingers without warning, like an angry mother who’s just heard you swear. This does not happen in Los Angeles – a sunny day doesn’t usually reach out to tickle you with frigid air. That is one of the reasons I moved there in the first place.

3. Its an incredibly beautiful, bustling and lively city with fantastic architecture and lots of great stuff to do, but it is not convenient. Last night as my husband I walked the city enjoying the nightlife we talked about how it might be cool to live here again. But despite its good points this is not an easy city to live in, and I’m not just talking about the sheer expensiveness of it or the way driving is a challenge (as is parking, which costs more money than the average ransom). San Francisco does have fantastic public transportation but that’s not convenient if, say, you’ve just bought a metric ton of stuff at Costco.

So I think I’ll enjoy my brief vacation and return home to rainy old LA. Everyone there may be complaining about the rain (though I love it) but at least they can count on the fact that there will be more bright, sunny and warm days in the very near future.


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