Sooooooooo Close

I’ve tried to be winning all the time ever since Charlie made clear that anyone with a pulse can do it. And so in the, “Duh, winning” category this week I bring you the near completion of my new tables.

The top coffee table

Sure, I said ‘near completion’ rather than ‘successful completion’, but as I learned from my good pal Charlie Sheen (and by good pal I mean we’ve never met and he has no clue I exist) there is no need to have actually won at anything to be winning. All you need is the intention and belief that you are, in fact, winning.

Duh... winning.

Since you and I last discussed the topic of my recent foray back into DIY carpentry and home decor design, I finished building and trimming my tables, I stained them… BUT THEN – (cue dramatic music sting followed by the gasp of some woman in the audience) – RAIN HAPPENED!!!

Like the good Girl Scout I once was, I try to be prepared for any eventuality. I’ve had weather.com up on my browser and refreshed it regularly throughout the process and I was a step ahead of the weather at all times until CoffeeTableGate happened. Wednesday night of last week, the day the staining was completed, was supposed to be cloudy and DRY. The wind came up, the sun disappeared and I went outside to make sure all was right with the world. To my horror I found MIST sliding down through the atmosphere and landing on my damp tables. Naturally I screamed like a little girl who realizes that someone has eaten her dessert while she was changing her Barbie doll’s outfit.

The small coffee table (or bottom table)

I covered the tables in plastic moments before the mist became a deluge and waited impatiently for my husband to get home so we could carry the pieces inside (now that they’re built most of them are not a one person moving job). Once he was home and we’d gotten everything inside and wiped down I felt much better. Deeeep sigh.

Over the weekend I waited for the stain to dry completely so that today, YAY, FINALLY!, I can put the top coat on them and stick a fork in ’em, cuz they’ll be done.

One night stand

And then I’ll really be winning. Luckily I don’t need to wait for the actual accomplishment to proclaim myself the second most winningest rock star from Mars.


2 comments on “Sooooooooo Close

  1. Zena…your motivation astounds me. Nice job.

  2. So, judging by the fact that he commented on this blog, C-Love knows about your one night stand?

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