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A week with my Cousin

Despite all that good time jolly stuff and great food and wine we managed to enjoy ourselves. Rob reminded us of something we know but don’t always remember (I blame traffic and stressful stuff like jobs): that everything in life can be and should be fun. Rob has one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I know and everywhere he goes he makes friends. Even among the sometimes jaded LA folk it is futile to attempt to deny his charms, even as he tells pretty ladies to ‘git ‘er done’.


Back in San Francisco

Several moons ago I lived in the fine city of San Francisco while still a young whippersnapper. My dad and I shared a great little place on Cathedral Hill and I spent my days working and going to school in the city which, to me, was a lot of fun. I’ve come back to visit […]

The Aftermath

My cousin Rob has arrived from Canada for a week’s vacation in sunny Southern California, a welcome respite from the epic snow and wintery winterness of Western Canada. I’m very glad that I have some grown up furniture to impress him with so he doesn’t think that I live like some sort of bohemian hippie 30-something still living like a college student.

Sooooooooo Close

I’ve tried to be winning all the time ever since Charlie made clear that anyone with a pulse can do it. And so in the, “Duh, winning” category this week I bring you the near completion of my new tables. Sure, I said ‘near completion’ rather than ‘successful completion’, but as I learned from my […]

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together, Part 1

Recently Conor and I unloaded much of our college era mis-matched Ikea-ish ‘furniture’ – the stuff we brought with us when we shacked up six years ago. Now we occasionally consider ourselves adult-like and want more of a look that might be considered ‘decor’. So I’m attempting to create this out of some sticks, duct tape and some gum, MacGuyver-style.