Back when I was Dating Weakly

This week I bring you something fun because there is nothing better in the world than improvised videos which star me! (and ice cream, that’s good too).  😉

Here are two videos from a comedy project I worked on a while ago called Dating Weakly. Dating Weakly is a service which hooks the people no one wants to date up with other people no one wants to date, thus creating high functioning and happy relationships.

The first is the dating video of a character named Kelly Cricka.

The second is a video testimonial from two people who were matched with each other with stellar results.

The other actor in the video is the fabulous Charlie Farrell. The videos were edited by Miranda Shade.

Have a great week!


7 comments on “Back when I was Dating Weakly

  1. Well drop my drawers and slap me silly.. You really are a Williams.. Only problem I saw was you have more than one tooth.

    Excellent change-up Zena. Really needed a laugh this morning, and you gave it to me… THANKS!!

  2. I don’t know why you are not a big star. You are funnier than anyone I’ve seen on TV!

  3. Holy muthertrucker batman! That was awesome!!!

  4. Zena, Your Uncle thinks your GREAT!!!!

  5. I totally enjoyed your clips. Your mother is right as you are very funny. Its too bad you are a Williams cause we are all horse stealers and sheep leapers….no wait thats what our Dad said was the Sutherland side. As a Williams you spit when you talk – its your Welsh heritage! May pay off for your acting career.:))

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