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1 Simple Step can Save us from Social Buffoonery

I recently started taking classes online to kick off my requirements toward a certain grad school degree I intend to earn. One of my first classes is ethics. This is a class in which the majority of our homework consists of writing essays largely based on our personal beliefs.

I took this class once before, in my undergrad years, but for one reason or another, okay, the number of years it’s been since I took it last, I have to take it again. The big difference this time is that since we do it online we can all see what the others have written and we can even comment on their writing if we want to. (I so, so want to tell people how wrong their opinions are. Just kidding. Or am I? Yes, yes, I’m kidding.)

The thing that gets me every time is that people post their essays without ever proofreading them. It’s one simple step that any human can take to keep themselves from looking like a total social buffoon.

What we all have to endure on facebook is bad enough, what with the ‘your’/’you’re’, ‘here’/’hear’ mistakes running rampant like so many undisciplined children. But this is worse. These are people clearly trying to write like the writing they read on online news magazines and the like and yet they don’t take 2 minutes to make sure they don’t have literary toilet paper clinging to their online shoe.

One of the easiest things we can do to improve our writing is to read it out loud to ourselves (and by ‘out loud’ I mean we can read it out loud to ourselves in our heads if we want, or if we’re in public.)

I don’t mean the glance we give emails before we send them, confident we’ve conveyed our thoughts, only to have the email’s recipient write back with, “Wha…?!” I’m talking about a ‘say the words to ourselves as if we didn’t just write them’ kind of thing.

Cuz, see, what happins is we don’t pay attention and. Even complete sentences.

So if you see this kindo f lazie workings in your enocunters with other peeple’s writing keep this in your and don’t let it hapan to your own.

That is al.

Tarnsmition complet.


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