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Back when I was Dating Weakly

Here are two videos from a comedy project I worked on a while ago called Dating Weakly. Dating Weakly is a service which hooks the people no one wants to date up with other people no one wants to date, thus creating high functioning and happy relationships.


1 Simple Step can Save us from Social Buffoonery

I recently started taking classes online to kick off my requirements toward a certain grad school degree I intend to earn. One of my first classes is ethics. This is a class in which the majority of our homework consists of writing essays largely based on our personal beliefs. I took this class once before, […]

Yard Sale Folk

If you’re having a yard sale I hope you make a ton of cash. If you’re not having a yard sale then you might want to check and make sure you’re not a hoarder. Just kidding. I’m sure you’ll know if you’re a hoarder because the production team from Hoarders will arrive unannounced on your doorstep and tell you.

It’s February 1. Do I know where my New Year’s resolutions are?

Last year I hit the gym in January and was all set to make it my bitch but found out that 40 million other Los Angeles residents thought the gym was a clown car flash mob and tried to squeeze into it for the whole month. So… I stopped going because I find it counterintuitive to stand in line for an hour to march on a treadmill for 20 minutes.