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Why complain about something that’s good?

There are some days when I wish we could live lives that weren’t so reliant on technology. I saw someone post a facebook status update the other day that said they’d gone to work without their cell phone and were feeling very uneasy, which is a feeling I share when my phone is not by my side. And yet, unless you are under 12, there was likely a period of time in your life, perhaps most of it, when you didn’t own a phone that could leave the house with you.

Then there are other days. Days when I want to know something and I don’t know what we ever did without the internet. My knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System may be antiquated but it did come in handy at one point. But at no time could I peruse the physical library from my couch… in the middle of the night.

I recently found myself faced with a burning medical question (not a question about any type of burning, though, so let’s not crank up the rumor mill). I was able to search multiple websites easily and quickly from the comfort of my couch while in my pajamas. This is invaluable. But, on the other hand, I didn’t speak to any humans in person and I didn’t get advice from a kindly librarian on which books might offer the best solution. It’s a toss up as to which way is better for us as social animals and both ways have their merits.

For all the times I hear someone (and occasionally ‘someone’ is me) wishing we weren’t so connected to the internet there are far more times when I appreciate it and what it does for me. I am able to keep in more frequent touch with loved ones, like my cousin Erin in Canada, who is celebrating her birthday today. (Happy Birthday, Erin!) We keep in touch more often but we speak in person even less than we did before. International calls are expensive and it’s often easier to converse on facebook. I feel guilty about using social media and the internet to keep in touch but then again, I am keeping in touch.

Happy Birthday, Erin!

From here on out I’m going to complain less about what I do have and enjoy the convenience of it and if the Mayans were right and 2012 brings about some sort of electronic apocolypse then I’ll mail you a letter with my thoughts on the new world order.


One comment on “Why complain about something that’s good?

  1. Have I told you lately I love you!!!!! You are the bestest most wonderfulest cousin in the world! Thanks for the blog mention. I feel honoured.

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