Big Red Conversation Starter

I recently bought myself this big shiny bright red bag.

People think it’s a purse. A giant purse. The kind of purse that devours today’s giant purses in one big bite. And because of its sheer size and red-redness people can’t help but comment on it.

At first I got a little irritated when people, mostly men, would say, “Wow, that’s a big purse” in that condescending, head-shaking-in-wonder ‘women, what are you gonna do?’ way. I’d correct them: “It’s my computer bag. It holds my computer… and lots of other stuff.” Then I realized that this big red bag was a fun conversation piece. People like to talk about it.

Strangers started up conversations with me and I really enjoyed it. I was formerly a nondescript black bag sort of girl, a wallflower in the work force. All of a sudden in the last year I developed a taste for red and, though it surprised me at first, now I really like it.

The best part was when I went into a casting office for an audition and the casting director started talking to me about my bag which led to a conversation about where we each shop for bags and it went on from there. That’s when I realized the power of the red bag – it’s a great networking tool.

And with that I shed my wallflower work bag habit forever.


6 comments on “Big Red Conversation Starter

  1. That’s funny Zena, I have always been the same way! Black, don’t draw attention to myself, then my daughter Kate, who works in a very nice bag and shoe store in calgary, bought me a purse for mothers day. Although the purse is beige, it is huge and the front is shaped to look like a tiered skirt. Talk about a conversation piece! My mom just calls it “the skirt”. I love it! I can’t fit my laptop in it, but boy can it hold alot and yeah I am no longer offended about the comments. The first one ever was “Oh your daughter gave it to you, I guess you feel obligated to use it” and I am “No, I picked it out from a few choices” She looked at me like I was crazy…haha. Cheers to big purses! Happy New Year

  2. hi..i was really interested in a bag like this may i know where you bought it from?

  3. Oh , I live in Canada . Can i order it online ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I don’t know if you can order it. TJ Maxx is a discount retailer and I got the bag a year ago. It’s possible. You could certainly try.

  5. Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

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