When Life was Simpler

Recently my main squeeze, a.k.a. The Husband, and I got new computers, relegating our ancient Powerbook Commodore 64’s to obsolescence ( a word I learned for when things are no longer awesome).

Once my personal sexy geek squad set up our new network I hopped on my shiny new internet steed and started visiting our iPhoto library. It’s apparently quite large: over 30,000 pictures and videos of things we did before, during and after meeting each other.

It was inevitable I’d take a peek at the ‘New Zealand 2005’ folder because those are the honeymoon pictures and they’re always sure to bring a smile to my face. I found a forgotten gem in there, a video that Conor made while we were trampling through one of the amazing forests we found on our journey all over the South Island. Watching the video we both laughed and laughed and then watched it again and laughed and laughed.

After we’d squeezed out some happy tears at our 5-years-younger selves Conor mentioned that we looked so happy and carefree then, a couple of newlyweds without a care in the world. Nothing like our present day selves.

I appreciate the sentiment in his words but I can’t say that I fully agree. We are certainly having a good time in the video and we really don’t seem to have a worry in the world (other than waking the sleeping dinosaurs) but we were on vacation and we’d just gotten married, which was one of the highlights of our entire lives.

Things weren’t perfect, though. Conor was between jobs and we didn’t have much money. Our early forays into home ownership had proven fruitless because we couldn’t afford so much as a fixer upper in the middle of Compton (whereas now we can afford a nice 3 bedroom in the heart of Compton with minimal drive-by damage. Yay, us!) We hadn’t yet figured out the whole ‘when are we going to breed’ question to our mutual satisfaction and Conor kept nagging me about getting cats, which I was opposed to because I thought I’d end up having to do all the work of caring for them.

Things may be stressful now with full time jobs, full time school for Conor, our creative endeavors and the on-going pursuit of a home of our own, among other concerns. But I think that we still have that carefree attitude in our relationship. The difference between then and now is that we don’t have the camera out as often recording our wacky fun moments and there is a shortage of dinosaurs. We have more money than we did then, we have 2 wonderful cats whom we don’t know how we ever lived without and we’ve gotten to know each other so much better than we did then. And because of that we love each other more than we did back in 2005 when we toured the wilds of New Zealand. We are now secure in the knowledge that we can do anything so long as we are together.

Though I may never be able to replicate that accent again. Damn.


2 comments on “When Life was Simpler

  1. Wher’y’all the dinosawwwws at???

  2. The Commodore 64 was bad ass.

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