2 comments on “The Wikileaks Brouhaha

  1. Excellent….

    Information is always great. People get alarmed and say that this is bad for X, Y and Z. Those people miss the point. Actions such as Wikileak’s are eventual given economies based on scarcity. Scarcity breeds greed and manipulation on many intertwined levels. Such a fierce reaction from a rogue group is to be expected. It’s not laudable that such an eventuality exists, more lamentable that it is needed.

    From a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, should I try to diagnose and then treat the situation, I would choose to treat the root, not the stems or branches. The root is deep down, dirty and blackened with a sickened form of humanity. Scarcity is the first symptom and all our other ills stem from that scarcity.

    At the very least, Wikileaks is combating a scarcity in information.

    Make it a great day with each breath 😉

  2. Being wanted for espionage and treason is manly.

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