The Great No-TV Experiment

On Sunday I knew who won at the Emmys by reading facebook. Recently I heard that a new TV show in the same franchise as the one I work was terrible, so I watched it on Hulu. At no time will it be possible for me to hear about breaking news and turn on my TV and find out what’s going on.

Because I quit TV.

It wasn’t my idea. My husband hatched this notion a while ago and badgered me to give it a try. After the TV season ended in May I said okay, I’ll give it one month.

We still have a television set. And we have a netflix subscription, which comes with lots of instantly watchable movies and TV shows. But no TV, not even the basic five networks.

This whole thing came about because we watch too much of the stuff in the first place. It’s too easy to fall into a habit of coming home from work tired and sitting down to chill out in front of the TV. And then falling asleep. And getting up in the morning and having it on while we get ready for another day.

The more technology advances the more it seems to isolate us from each other, even as it connects us. I’d say that’s even true of social networking. Even though I now know what you’re snacking on at your desk and all about your dog’s digestive health I may not have seen you in person in a year or more, despite our living in the same town.

It is definitely better to keep up virtually than never to keep up at all, but the more I am inundated with stuff the more I’d like to just shut down and do something human and physical, like work in a garden with my hands covered in dirt, or build something out of wood.

I want to spend less time staring at screens, even though a lot of what I see on them is really cool.

So the month passed and I never called Direct TV to get reconnected. I don’t even miss it that much. I think I’d miss it a lot more without netflix, but I’m doing okay.

What will be tough for me is the start of the fall season. There are so many new and returning shows I want to watch. And as an actor I have to see everything at least once so I’m prepared if I get called in to audition for any show on the air. But there is always Hulu. Although, it might be more fun to go watch TV at a friend’s house, where we can see each other in person.

They seem to enjoy watching TV together

Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun. I just hope that all of my friends don’t decide to try the Great No-TV Experiment…


5 comments on “The Great No-TV Experiment

  1. I like it. Boo to TV

  2. We’ve been tv less for about a year. It was quite an adjustment but the biggest adjustment was when I finally saw cable after not seeing it for a while. I couldn’t believe the amount of commercials. It was insane!

  3. Great blog. Really love the blog every week. TV-less homelife is a joy. I spend more time with my kids and wife, more time walking and being outdoors, more time playing games that stimulate our minds and spark quality conversations. It’s really a great thing to unplug!

  4. I totally agree. I once quit TV for 2 years to get my grades up for getting into college. I should do it again.

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