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The Bridge to Nowhere

On Sunday I took a hike toward a place called The Bridge to Nowhere with my friends Rachel and Amy. And I want to admit to you, here and now because I value our relationship, that we didn’t quite reach it.

(photos courtesy of Amy Haffner)

So, I guess, in essence, I didn’t go Nowhere.

I kept thinking about three very important things on this hike:

1. What’s with all these biting horse flies?

2. Wow, it’s amazingly beautiful here.


3. I better enjoy this beautiful nature while it still exists. You know, because of the way we are rapidly poisoning our environment. Not to get all soap box-y, but I am very very scared of the oil leaks and the like and, more importantly, the way we don’t seem to be doing anything about them other than complaining that BP is not doing enough to stop the big flow in the Gulf. And that’s not the only major oil leak going on in the world now and in the recent past but, for some reason, we don’t pay any attention to them.

This blog is not about the downfall of mankind, though. You already know all about that. Instead, this is pictorial of hot nature bling. Please enjoy.

On the road again...

Fording the river... like the settlers used to do... you know, back in the day.

Yay! Great success... Well, if you consider not making it all the way to your destination success...


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