That’s so annoying!

This is going to be a brief blog because it’s a bit of a rant and no one wants to hear long winded complaints – they’re so annoying! That’s what we pay tech support dudes from Bangladesh named Steve for.

So let’s spend a moment pondering the depths of my mind and looking at one of my very favorite pet peeves, shall we?

Picture it – you’re tucked in your bed, snug as a bug in a rug, all snoozy and warm when all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, like a creature from some deep and fetid swamp of horrendous noise comes the blare of a CAR ALARM.

As I lay in my bed fuming at this rude interruption of my sleep I always wonder if the owner of that car rests easier knowing that surely someone will no doubt spring forth from the comfort of their home to rescue his car. Certainly something is making him feel comfy because he’s definitely not hopping up to see if his car is being stolen by nefarious hooligans.

And why is he so unconcerned? Most likely for the same reason I feel furious rather than being worried that someone I don’t know is having their private property hijacked – because I think that the alarm is just too sensitive and was set off by a cricket rubbing his hind legs together in a mating call to find his true insect love.

And if that guy’s car is, in fact, being stolen I have to say that I am so annoyed by the disturbance that I really only hope the thieves are quick about it so I can get back to peace and quiet.

It’s not that I’m not empathetic to the plight of others, it’s that I am fed up with people putting the health and well being of others in jeopardy for no reason. Really, no reason. If someone wants to steal your car they most likely know how to override the alarm in a matter of seconds – before you’ve even realized that it’s your alarm that’s making pacemakers fail up and down the block.

So if you’re thinking of getting a car alarm for your sweet ride, think about saving the money and buying yourself something nice instead. That way, if your car does get stolen, you’ll have something cool to comfort you until that dandy car insurance check comes in.

So… that’s what I think about that!


4 comments on “That’s so annoying!

  1. Or you could just move to the ‘bu or a gated community. :). I hear your pain but it always amazes me how many notes I see on peoples wndshields telling them off pretty much, and I can’t help but think to myself ummm this is life in the “city, there’s a place for people who want it to be quiet it’s called Malibu, Bel Aire or Leisure World.

  2. We had a grade school principal living next door who passively-aggressively refused to learn how to operate her car alarm; so every morning at around 5:30 AM her car alarm would go off outside our window as she would, without disabling her alarm, get into her car and drive away.

  3. Nefarious hooligans. Love it.

  4. I think that you would love my book, “That’s So Annoying: An Etiquette Expert On The World’s Most Irritating Habits and What To Do About Them” available wherever books are sold and at http://www.thatssoannoyingbook.com .
    I thank you for adding ideas for my next volume.

    All the best.

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