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The Long Drive

There is something strange and exciting about taking a long drive. We are alone, separated from the majority of our shiny jangly distractions like TV, phones (in areas with no reception) and, often, other people.

In those times we can start to really think about all the things that are always there, swirling around in our brains, just out of reach of our hearing over the din of our daily distractions. The things we want to do, the notions we need to ponder, the regrets, the wants and everything else that makes us who we are.

It never fails to amaze me that in the course of a long drive I am able to process the minutiae that has built up in my head and, at the same time, take in the environment around me as I sit safely tucked behind the glass and steel and industrial strength plastic that is my car.

I occasionally get quiet at these times, which is not the exclusion of others but the contemplation of what is going on which takes most of my mental capacity and keeps me from being a part of a conversation. Other times I want to discuss my thoughts and the thoughts of others because little is more fascinating than the imagination once it’s set loose.

Once the mental cruise control that keeps us from focusing inward on a daily basis has been disengaged anything might be possible on a long drive with the expanse of the road stretching before us and behind us.



One comment on “The Long Drive

  1. I like long drives 😉

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