In Bloom

I don’t mean to sound like a dirty girl, but I do love playing in the dirt. I always have. I grew up building volcanoes in my mom’s vegetable garden. The volcano would erupt when you mixed baking soda and vinegar. Red food coloring made it lava-like. Fun.

So it’s understandable that I want to own a house so that I can have my own garden. Anyone who knows me knows how long I’ve been dreaming of that.

This weekend I couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands in some dirt so I scampered off to my local OSH and bought some pots, dirt, rocks and flowers. I’ve long wanted some jasmine because the smell of it is one of my favorite scents in the world. I can’t wait for it to grow so I can wrap it around my balcony railing. It’s going to be beautiful.

I filled in the rest of the pot with colored flowers and topped the dirt with white rocks for contrast.

There is something so satisfying about getting into a project where you physically work, get your hands dirty and create something beautiful. And I didn’t have to wait for a house after all. It’s not quite as good, but it will do for now.

Here are some pictures from my “garden”. Have a great week.


2 comments on “In Bloom

  1. I do love the smell of jasmine

  2. Nice. Didn’t know you were such a green thumb! I’ll have to check out the new plants next time I’m there.

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