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Trust Issues Part 1

In an effort to get away from sugar and artificial sweeteners I started using agave about a year ago. I liked the taste and I liked that it burned four times more slowly than sugar in your system so it wouldn’t give you a sugar rush and crash. Plus, agave was a natural plant extract so it was healthy and natural, not some crap made in a lab that might make me grow a suspicious third nipple at some point (I guess really any additional nipples are by default suspect).


Totally walking for MS

OMG you should have been there! It was another out of control MS Walk with all kinds of people showing up to walk 3.2 miles around Pasadena’s Rose Bowl so that the money we’d all raised could help find relief and a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

And now for something fun

Our main event of the day was going to see Faith No More play at the Warfield. This is their first show in their hometown of San Francisco in 13 years and it was well worth the wait. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a live band that was so incredibly tight and on top of their game.

The Confidence Game

You know those people you meet who you can’t help but be a little intimidated by because they seem to be everything you’ve ever aspired to be? They’re confident, they command respect and it seems as though they have everything in their lives in order and under control. You know those people? Do you wonder […]