What Should Sarah Palin Do?

I was tooling around on cnn.com when I came across a post from Jack Cafferty asking what Sarah Palin should do if she wants to run for President in 2012.

My first inclination at the thought of helping Sarah Palin take office is to laugh, hopefully while drinking coffee so it can spew out of my nose, and then to say (out loud), “Don’t run!”

But, seriously, that is not the question. The question is, What would you advise Sarah Palin to do next? (see full article below, with link to original)

Well, Sarah, if I’m to take a neutral stance and answer honestly, here’s what I think you should do:

5. Tone down the down home country talk. It does seem to appeal to some people, but those people already think you’re A-okay and most of them also consider Chee-tos to be actual food. What your ‘simple folk’ speak mainly does is help paint that Sarah’s a regeelar country bumpkin picture that you like so much. The thing is, no one wants a dullard running the country. We already tried that for 8 years and it didn’t turn out well.

4. Try real honesty. The more people try to hammer home a righteous religious message, which almost always includes telling others how they should live their lives, the more those people have to lie to cover up their own transgressions. And it seems to me, if I’m to be honest, that the more these very people try to live by this strict moral code the more they fall off the wagon, as evidenced by the huge numbers of republicans and church officials getting caught in (mostly) sexually related scandals lately. So if you really had a baby at the age of 44 and no one could tell you were pregnant then congratulations. But if your teenage daughter has really had two kids and not one then say a mea culpa, apologize to the public for treating us as if we’re riding the short bus and talk about other ways to deal with sex education besides pushing abstinence since covering kids’ eyes, ears and mouths still leaves the critical areas exposed.

3. Quit bashing Obama, the other democrats and your own party. It’s so easy to point fingers, but there’s a saying about how that leaves three fingers pointing back at you. You may not agree with what others are doing but you’re wasting everyone’s time trying to milk your fifteen minutes of fame by talking smack about the competition. Be constructive and come up with solutions that make sense so people can see what you might have to offer as a leader.

2. What are you doing other than press junkets? Get a job, make some change in the world. Rather than asking how Obama’s “changey thing” is working out for him, show us what you can do. No need to wait until you’re elected to start leading by example. Haiti has just laid the golden egg of opportunity at the feet of anyone looking to make a name for themselves among those of us who know there’s a world outside of our U.S. border. Get your butt down there and do some old fashioned good. BUT, you have to be genuine about it and you have to really actually help people or we’ll all smell the publicity stunt and think even less of you. And that’s saying a lot, because outside of a certain demographic, we think very little of you to start with.

1. The article I’m citing for this blog says that you’ve been receiving political and economic briefings. I’m all for educating yourself and I don’t think you should limit yourself to politics and the economy. They are but two facets in a very diverse world. Learn some foreign policy and study other cultures. Learn about the other religions, take some classes on public speaking and how to craft an argument. Then form your arguments based on your experience with the real world, which you need to actually go out and get. My husband has a tattoo on his elbow that quotes Mark Twain: Travel is Fatal to Prejudice.

Conor's tattoo

By travel he means gaining experience and perspective on the world and I think that would be very beneficial to someone with limited experience outside of the U.S. of A., such as yourself. Then, if hell froze over and you got elected President, you’d be a little better at dealing with the rest of planet Earth, with whom we are on somewhat tenuous ground.

Unfortunately, I think that if you did get elected all of the countries who hold our debt would immediately try to cash it in and we’d be belly up overnight. And that would be pretty bad. We’re barely hanging on as it is. So I hope you don’t follow my advice. Better you stick to your policy of blindly spouting rhetoric you don’t really understand and milking that fame machine for all it’s worth while you still appeal to those who consider Taco Bell ethnic cuisine.

So that concludes my blog on what Sarah Palin should do if she wants to run for President in 2012. I hope that day never comes, but if it does I hope she reads and heeds this blog. Yes, I’m admitting to a bias against Mrs. Palin because I am not a member of the fourth estate and therefore I’m not obligated to be objective.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that this blog topic comes to you at the behest of my mom, who wants you to vote and vote smart in every election.

Have a great week!

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

Sarah Palin is making it clear that she’s not going anywhere – and she may just have her sights trained on the White House.

The former Alaska governor says she would consider a run for president in 2012 if the situation is right for the nation and her family. That’s swell.

Palin, who was woefully unprepared to be John McCain’s running mate, acknowledges that she “sure as heck better be more astute on these national issues” than she was two years ago. Seriously.

And maybe that’s why Palin says she’s started receiving daily political and economic briefings over e-mail from various Washington experts. That should do it.

Palin delivered the keynote speech to the Tea Party convention in Nashville over the weekend. Palin used much of the speech to go after Pres. Obama on his national security and spending policies, describing him as a “law professor at a lectern,” criticizing him for “apologizing for America,” and asking the Tea Partiers: “How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya?” She even has her own language.

Meanwhile – it appears that Palin had written crib sheets on the inside of her hand, including the words “energy,” “tax” and “lift American spirits” – likely for the question and answer session after her speech.

That would be the very same speech where Palin criticized Pres. Obama for relying too much on Teleprompter.

Here’s my question to you: What would you advise Sarah Palin to do next?


2 comments on “What Should Sarah Palin Do?

  1. Ouch did that tattoo on his elbow hurt? I wanna see.

  2. Great post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thanks!

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