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I find myself blissfully between jobs this week, but far from living the life of leisure I might occasionally dream of I am tackling a long to-do list. But I definitely have a bit of free time and yesterday I saw a challenge posted on facebook that is going to take up some of that […]

Oh, They’re Gonna Get Ya

About three years ago I decided I didn’t want to carry credit card debt anymore. No real reason, it’s just kind of a waste of money. So my husband and I’ve been working hard to pay down our debt and close credit card accounts that we don’t want to use.

What Should Sarah Palin Do?

My first inclination at the thought of helping Sarah Palin take office is to laugh, hopefully while drinking coffee so it can spew out of my nose, and then to say (out loud), “Don’t run!”

Everything Old Is New Again

There are no new ideas under the sun, only our own interpretations of them. With this in mind, we should respect the creative minds who’ve come before and do our best not to discount those fuddy duddies for daring to continue to exist on our planet. Thanks, Dad!