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My first blog of 2010

Happy New Year!

Last week I wrote about the holidays; about the difficulty of travel, the troubles that can come from a lot of close family time and how no matter where you go home is where you come from.

Well, my mom read that and thought I wasn’t enjoying my Christmas time with my loved ones. I assured her that I was and I meant it. I am lucky to be part of a phenomenal and loving family and I did have an awesome holiday season. And, as I mentioned, I drove to and from so I didn’t have to endure any airlines, airports or the hassles of air travel.

Where I was

All that said, there is nothing like coming home. It makes you remember and appreciate that you have this home, this sanctuary that you have set up in a part of the world where you (hopefully) have chosen to live and that it’s all yours.

Home Sweet Home

I returned late Saturday night and as I hiked with my girlfriends on Sunday morning I was reminded of how much I love living in Los Angeles. I’d just returned from a place where snow was piled up in the streets, a real winter wonderland, and here I was going up Runyon Canyon on a beautiful, sunny 73 degree day in early January where to the left of me I could see ships on the ocean in front of Catalina Island and to the right of me I could see the Griffith Park Observatory framed by distant snow capped mountains. There were a few clouds in a blue sky and clean, clear air all around me. I was with the family we make as adults, those people who share our interests and lifestyles and I was enjoying one of my favorite pastimes.

Runyon Canyon

What could be better? Of course, Monday brought the grind back into focus, but having been refreshed by time away I am ready to get back into it and face the challenges that this year will present.

What are your plans for 2010? Personally I am not one for New Years’ Resolutions. I have goals and I intend to accomplish them but I don’t consider them New Years’ Resolutions. Am I kidding myself? If they coincide with the start of a new year are they indeed New Years’ Resolutions? What do you think?


One comment on “My first blog of 2010

  1. Yes. It’s GOOD TO BE HOME! 🙂

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