The Holidays have come, and what did they bring?

So the holidays happened.

Every year most of us get together with our loved ones for the holidays. Some of us come from far away, traveling great distances through airports whose main goal often seems to be to make our lives more difficult, and to make us undress in public. Some of us even have to wrestle would-be bombers to the ground mid-flight. That particular incident will probably result in our having to take off our underwear and run it through the metal detector. How fun.

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab ruined it for everyone

Once we reach our loved ones, those we love with all of our hearts, the ones we write into our last wills and testaments, we sometimes find that our love can dim a bit in the stress and high expectations of the season.

But there always comes that moment when we remember that these people are where we come from, who we are and no matter how far we’ve migrated over the course of our lives, where they are is home.

For that reason today’s blog is short, I am spending time with my family and it’s all the sweeter because I drove here.

I wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with great times and great memories.


2 comments on “The Holidays have come, and what did they bring?

  1. and a Happy New Year to both of you as well Zena. I remember my mom frustrated at Christmas time as she thought we should have a time where we were the Waltons. and we never did. The flip of that is that if she had asked – “Does my family love each other and are they having fun at times together?” then she would have seen how lucky she was as the answer is yes. I think she knew that in later years. I adore my brothers and sistahs – way more than when I was a kid. YAY US!

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