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The National Novel Writing Month Aftermath

Last week I wrote you my very special anti-thankful Thanksgiving brew. I know you all appreciated my heads up on United Airlines’ fantastic people skills but you were no doubt thinking to yourself, “Wait! Self, I thought this was the  month of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! What’s going on with that?”

Well, the month has ended and I did not hit that magical 50,000 word mark. One of my friends did and I tip my hat to him. As for me, I got buried in work, other projects and fine family time and I fell behind, way behind.

My final count was just over the 16,000 word mark. But never fear, the very act of writing the novel and thinking on my feet for it all the time got the wheels spinning and even when I wasn’t able to write I’ve had the story on my brain. It’s managed to take shape and become clearer in my mind and I will continue to write it now that the competition is over.

Thank you for following along with me as I attempted this endeavor. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving full of loved ones and great food. I got a lot of baking done, a lot of eating accomplished and I had a wonderful time with an old friend I don’t see nearly often enough.

Kristie Fitzgerald & me at The Hotel in Newfoundland, PA

Now it’s onward to another set of holidays, more family and a whole new year. And next year I’ll hit that 50,000 word mark!

Ah, see? When cute kids hold the number up it doesn't look so big, does it?


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