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The Holidays have come, and what did they bring?

So the holidays happened. Every year most of us get together with our loved ones for the holidays. Some of us come from far away, traveling great distances through airports whose main goal often seems to be to make our lives more difficult, and to make us undress in public. Some of us even have […]

My Christmas Gift

Every year I set out with great goals regarding how much I’m going to volunteer for worthy causes, how much money I’m going to give to help those in need and how much less I am going to consume in an effort to help the environment… Well, like all resolutions, I could do better. But […]

The Story of Stuff

I like to buy stuff. I like to have the latest and greatest in electronics and fashion. I want to keep up with Joneses, even though there is a big part of me that fully rejects the idea of being concerned with such things as fashion, having the latest and greatest and buying into the notion of name brands. And why should I even care what the Joneses are doing? What makes me think their taste is so great? They probably listen to R. Kelly and put out human-sized waving Santa Clauses on their lawn every December 1.

The Holidays are upon us!

I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by my holiday shopping; I want to get everyone exactly what they want and I want to do it on a budget, so it’s quite a balancing act. After a day of contemplating my list I was feeling very tired as I sat down to write my blog […]

The National Novel Writing Month Aftermath

Last week I wrote you my very special anti-thankful Thanksgiving brew. I know you all appreciated my heads up on United Airlines’ fantastic people skills but you were no doubt thinking to yourself, “Wait! Self, I thought this was theĀ  month of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! What’s going on with that?” […]