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Week 2 of National Writing Month

It is now week 2 of national writing month and of my attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.


The short story is that I’m a little bit behind but chugging along. The long story is that, geez! This is a lot of writing to do and I have a complete and very full life going on at the same time.

Those things said, I’m very happy with the way my novel is coming along and while I refuse to read it until it’s done because A) I have a 30 day deadline to meet and 2) I’ve learned through trial and error that reading it before it’s finished often leads to endless tinkering which results in not finishing it at all, making all my work for naught.

The people that put on this competition say that in the second week people begin to struggle under the weight of the sheer number of words in this competition but that by week 3 we’ll be rallying. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

In the meantime I struggle to eke out time to write amidst work, acting stuff and my love of a good night’s sleep. I may not have reached the 16,670 words that I should have by the end of today, Tuesday, November 10 but I’m not out of the running yet. This morning I am at a still impressive for only 9 days of writing, 10,103 words.

With that I’m off to write more words that hopefully form coherent sentences and make sense.


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