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Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are here! It’s a time to enjoy family, hopefully a little time off from work and a time to shop for more things for others to be thankful for.


The recurring dream I used to have

Years ago when I lived in San Francisco I used to have two versions of the same recurring dream about a tsunami hitting me. In the first version of the dream the tidal waves would wash me off of the Bay Bridge as I attempted to escape from San Francisco before they reached shore. At […]

Week 2 of National Writing Month

It is now week 2 of national writing month and of my attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. The short story is that I’m a little bit behind but chugging along. The long story is that, geez! This is a lot of writing to do and I have a complete and […]

Week One of National Novel Writing Month

I woke up very early the day after Halloween and my story was percolating in my brain. Rather than enjoy the last few post dawn moments snuggled in the comfy bed of the Bed and Breakfast where Conor and I celebrated our 4th anniversary, I got up and started writing.