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And Now For Something Completely Relevant

In these days of news reports produced less to inform than to get eyeballs glued to the screen, it sometimes seems like we’ve lost all perspective on reality. We’ve lost touch with the very prescient term, “Don’t believe the hype”.

So today I bring you a palliative for these troubled times. (* This video does contain graphic language)

This is a little something awesome I produced a couple years ago with my uber-talented sketch group, Foe Pa. I bring it to you today because that’s how we shine a light on what’s wrong with our culture in modern society – we mock it. I mean, really, if Tina Fey hadn’t stepped in Sarah Palin might be our vice president right now.

The reason that fear based reporting concerns me is because the news about swine flu is reaching fever pitch. There are 2 reasons this is bad: 1. Swine flu is less dangerous than the common flu we all get every year. Yet it’s possible that people will trample each other to get the vaccine just because news producers have to generate content that will keep you watching while they cash in on their ratings and advertising dollars. And 2: While we’re hearing all about the what if’s of swine flu there’s a lot of news going on in the world that’s not being reported. And that’s stuff we might need to know.

Watch the news with a grain of salt, that’s all I’m saying. And maybe a shot of tequila and lime to go with that salt.

ICUP newscasters:
Gabriella: Shelley Wenk
Barry Noya: Corey Blake

For more comedy goodness from Foe Pa, look no further than here.


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