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The Gentle Art of Procrastination

Well, folks, I’ve put off writing this one for as long as I can. It’s a sensitive subject that isn’t fully recognized because of the stigma attached to it. And yet, so many of us suffer from it that I think it’s time to shine a light on it, tough as that may be. That’s […]


There you are, lifting weights, running in circles and getting ripped like Arnold Schwarzeneggar used to be before the muscle he flexed was merely political.

Headshot Party

The problem with shooting headshots is that it’s one of the most nerve wracking things we have to do. Not only does the picture have to look exactly like us, it also has to convey personality and the wide world of possible characters we can play.

In one picture.

And Now For Something Completely Relevant

In these days of news reports produced less to inform than to get eyeballs glued to the screen, it sometimes seems like we’ve lost all perspective on reality. We’ve lost touch with the very prescient term, “Don’t believe the hype”.