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Finally, an end to the madness?

Yep, it’s another one about this guy:

The President

The President

Monday morning on my way to work I listened to President Obama making a speech about his proposed legislation to make the banking industry accountable for their actions. Like many world dwellers, I have had my doubts about whether or not Obama is just a shill for the banking institutions, as his predecessor was a shill for Halliburton, the banking industry, the oil industry, etc.

George Dubba-ya (that's who I'm talking about, ever so subtly)

George Dubba-ya (that's who I'm talking about, ever so subtly)

But then I heard this speech. And even though he’s all Goldman Sachs’d up in his administration (see my previous blog on this extremely re-read worthy topic), I actually believe that he is trying to work within the very corrupt system to bring about a change for fairness. I’ve been impressed with his uphill battle for healthcare reform and I completely agreed with his plan to prevent financial institutions from robbing us blind.


But since I already know what I think, and I’m in complete agreement with my opinion (cuz I’m clearly a genius), I’d like to know what you think. Do you feel, like I do, that it’s been a frustrating battle throughout our adult lives to be treated fairly by credit card companies and banks? I loved that Obama told them that they don’t have to wait for it to become law for them to treat us fairly and decently. I haven’t ever heard a politician call out corruption like that before. It feels good. I feel energized and excited, but most of all, I’m pensive. I’m going to be waiting and watching to see if this really happens and if there’s a lot of backlash to this speech. What will the financial institutions do and say to turn this into something negative? Is this possibly and finally an end to the madness of blatant, in your face, robbery of the American people?

And, of course, what do you think? (use the comments space below.)

If you want more info on what we’re talking about, check out these links:

Obama confronts greed on Wall Street

Full text of speech


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