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…And That Was When I knew Adults Don’t Have All the Answers

The crazy train had left the station, though, and we were all on board. The administration decided that several of us should be expelled and that everyone who set pen to paper in that book should be suspended. Parents were up in arms; they didn’t see what was so bad about what we did. Then the local news got wind of it and everyone in the not so small town of Reno knew our business.


People Will Surprise You

Whatever you think about Charlie Sheen or President Obama, I think you’ll find this very very interesting. Both Charlie and Barack are surprising. Charlie is meticulous and well thought out, his arguments are intelligent and Obama is amazingly angry and defensive. He’s more reminiscent of the Bush-world than he is the Transparent President he professed to be.

Finally, an end to the madness?

But since I already know what I think, and I’m in complete agreement with my opinion (cuz I’m clearly a genius), I’d like to know what you think. Do you feel, like I do, that it’s been a frustrating battle throughout my adult life to be treated fairly by credit card companies and banks?

New Style Marriage

In last week’s blog I told you that my husband is my best friend and I want you to know that every time I share that nugget of knowledgy goodness I cringe a little inside because there have been so many times when that statement has been met with everything from underhanded derision to outright […]

We Need Each Other

I don’t know when friendship day is but I wanted to take this blog to let my friends know how important you are to me and that every day is friendship day to me. Except my birthday. That day really is all about just me.