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What I wish Obama would say at town hall meetings

Healthcare. Who knew it would eclipse such hot button issues as the bank and auto maker bailouts, the legality of abortion or the rights of gay people to marry?

healthcare obama

On it’s face it seems so mundane and simple. Healthcare… At some point we’ll all need it and we definitely all want it. So it makes sense that we should have some sort of reform to a system that’s overrun by the corruption and greed of the insurance companies. How we’ve stood by and let it be legal for them to kick us off their rolls when we get sick or let them prevent us from being covered when we have “pre-existing conditions” I will never know. I’m sure it can’t be because we think it’s fair.

I think it’s safe to say that we all believe the insurance companies are corrupt and that we don’t trust them, right? So how is it that when it comes to the subject of health care reform we don’t stop to ponder the notion that its very unlikely those companies are sitting idly by while Obama tries to put a plan in place that may well affect the only thing that matters to them – their bottom line?


That brings me to the subject of today’s blog. There’s been a lot of drama and craziness at recent town hall meetings around the country. People are asking Obama if he’s going to kill their sweet little old grannies with his ‘death panels’ and protesting with posters comparing him to Hitler.

May I have a grain of salt, please?

May I have a grain of salt, please?

So I would like to see him reply to these queries and protests with this question: Have you read my proposal for yourself? (Disclaimer: I have not read his proposal myself. But I’m also not accusing him of trying to throw my dear old grandpa into an oven)


That should be followed by these questions: I appreciate your diligence in coming down here to challenge me on my proposal rather than blindly following me. I’d like to ask you this: Can you tell me who is making the statements you are referencing here? Who told you I am going to kill your grandma? Did you perform the same due diligence by questioning their information and how they came by it? Are you sure their motives are pure and that they are looking out for your best interest?


Are you sure that the people who are telling you I am forming death panels are not paid health insurance shills? Do you understand what the health insurance companies feel they stand to lose?

And I’d like him to close this part of the Q & A, in which he’s asking the questions, with this:

I’d like to ask you, my fellow Americans, to take a moment and take a good long look at the accusations being put forth regarding my health care proposal. Do the claims seem logical to you? Do the claims match anything I’ve ever stood for or anything in my record of public service? Did you take these claims with the same heavy dose of salt and skepticism with which you are receiving my proposal to provide every American with fair and even health coverage?


I am not your enemy. I don’t want to take anything from you. Take a look at what’s being said and being done. Educate yourself with the facts of the proposal and the sources of all information on both sides, for only when you are armed with full knowledge can you protect yourselves and your family. And only then can we begin having the kind of well thought out discussion that will lead to major and permanent change. If I am wrong then I am wrong and I will take responsibility, but spend your time getting the facts before you spew accusations passed through your mouth by the insurance companies’ paid propagandists. They are using fear to keep you from following logical steps to an honest conclusion. Don’t let them control you and don’t let them keep millions of your fellow Americans from fair and equal health care for all.


And then dear Mr. Obama would go back to his bus/green room/Air Force One and take a good long stiff drink, grab a smooch from his wife and get to work tackling the next issue in a long line of issues on his ‘to do’ list.


One comment on “What I wish Obama would say at town hall meetings

  1. Great post on one of the most perplexing displays of public outrage and pseudo-debate I can remember. Your words make sense but I fear they won’t be enough. You’re asking people (reasonably) to think. But as the scarecrow reminds us in the Wizard of Oz, “Thinking is such very hard work.” People, it seems, would rather rush out to town hall meetings and shout till their blue in the face. It takes, in the end, less effort. And, let’s remember, it sells more newspapers and keeps people glued to their TV sets.

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