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What’s the most fun you can have in a weekend?

As an actor, one of my favorite things to do is to act. I know, right? Hard to believe. Every now and then an opportunity comes along for me to do just that and this last weekend was one of those times, so this week you can safely assume that I’m a happy camper. A […]

A Blast from My Past

The thing about Snakey, though, was that he was a very good lawyer. He was a true advocate, always doing everything he could to help his fellow Earth dwellers. He was kind and generous and even though this sometimes landed him in hot water he never got upset about it.

Oh, right. It’s the journey, not the destination.

I started thinking about how, even though I haven’t achieved all of my goals or gotten to the place I’d imagined I would be, I have accomplished a lot and I’m in a much better situation then many of my peers.

It’s Not Always Easy Being Green – but I’m Trying

The past month or so I’ve been doing 3 things to be more environmentally friendly: I’ve started riding my bike or walking to places within about 3 or 4 miles of me. I’ve even taken to riding the bus, something it’s taken me 15 years of living in Los Angeles to do. And I’m turning into my mom and recycling my stories, telling them repeatedly to people who’ve heard them before. Stop me if I’ve already told you this…

Grandpa’s birthday speech

I hope I will never know the hard times my grandpa has known but I love him all the more for his strength in weathering them and coming out the other side a better man.