What’s up now

I’ve been unemployed now for 6 weeks. 6 glorious fabulous, thanks-California-for-the-unemployment-weeks.

You might wonder what I’ve done with that time besides watching Kate Hudson comedies and sitting in judgment. Oh, I’ve done so much more. But I also have plans for what’s to come. And barring the surprise you never see coming this is what it entails:

– Getting new headshots. This is very important as I look different than I did when last I shot pictures and in some ways I’m a different person and I need new pictures that reflect that.


– Getting back into an acting class. In fact, today is the day. I am taking a class for 4 weeks with Scott Tiler. I’ll tell you how it goes.

– I have some writing to finish.

– But that’s not all. I’ve also caught up on my sleep and my laundry. I’ve been cooking and that is something I enjoy. And, yummy o’greatness, I have been hiking more and not just at the crackle of dawn but at actual regular human hours.

To all of this I say yee-haw. I do miss a paycheck and I do miss the social life of the office and the bonding that happens when you work hard on a project with other people. Not enough to lose seleep over it, though, cuz, I mean, really, like I just said – I’m caught up.

If you have or if you had time to catch up on your to-do list what would you do?


3 comments on “What’s up now

  1. go and collect over due payments from people who owe me money for services.

  2. My to do list is a flowing list, morphs a lot. I have learned to be good to myself, to be patient and to do what needs to be done first and leave the optional stuff for later.
    I find that Stephen Covey’s tape on the “7 habits of highly effective people” to be very good and helpful for making change.

    But above all we need to connect with our soul, for there is the power there is the power to help us do what we really need to do, what is most important to us.
    And as Zena said when she goes up the mountain and connects with nature, she accesses that soul in a beautiful and profound way.
    She is changing her life as we all are, “one step at a time”

    Scott Schtuzman Tiler

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