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How Facebook and Twitter could save the world

If you let history happen to you and you never stand up for what you think is right you will never make your mark on history and you will certainly not be remembered.


The highlight of my weekend

From the moment I walked in we started talking and never stopped for four hours. Somehow we managed to consume a large amount of sushi between sentences but otherwise our mouths never stopped gabbing.

Zen with a view?

I was never able to finish the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance so I can’t say I know exactly what zen is but I think that when I do eventually finish it I’ll realize that my hikes at Runyon Canyon are pretty close to zen. I get so much more than a […]

What’s up now

I’ve been unemployed now for 6 weeks. 6 glorious fabulous, thanks-California-for-the-unemployment-weeks. You might wonder what I’ve done with that time besides watching Kate Hudson comedies and sitting in judgment. Oh, I’ve done so much more. But I also have plans for what’s to come. And barring the surprise you never see coming this is what […]