WTF, Kate Hudson?

Sunday afternoon I came home from a long afternoon in the sun and crashed on the couch with a little TV. You, Me and Dupree was on TBS, home of programming that is supposed to be Very Funny.

A matter of opinion

A matter of opinion

You can tell everything you need to know from the poster.

You can tell everything you need to know from the poster.

I hadn’t seen this movie because I generally avoid romantic comedies. Sure, I know I’m a woman and I’m supposed to like them because I am their target demographic. In my opinion they are usually too full of cliches, stereotypes and unimaginative plots to have room left over for any kind of interesting or original story.

But I’m not always right and so I’m always willing to check something out when its free on TV.

Unfortunately You, Me and Dupree was exactly what I expected. The movie sets up early on that women are the bosses of men and men are whiny little boys. Seth Rogen, who I think is otherwise great, plays a simpering husband who’s allowed to spend only one hour out with the guys and has to hide what he’s been doing while with them. He cowers in fear at the thought of his wife’s wrath.

Matt Dillon, newly married to Kate Hudson, is surprised by this turn of events (aren’t they supposed to have been friends for a long time? How does he not know his friend’s deal?) and can’t believe the guy’s life is so rough. Seth tells him to just wait.

Not long after that Matt throws an impromptu football party and his living room gets a little trashed. When Kate comes home Matt has a guilty little boy face and all the grown men in his living room are cowering in fear in his living room until they can scamper for the door.

Here’s my problem with this situation:

None of the characters are 3 dimensional, another problem I have with most romantic comedies. Do they think that women can’t possibly follow a story in which characters are real and complex people? I think the opposite is true. The damage comes when a) women go and see these movies, thus fooling narrow thinking studio executives into believing we like stupid shit and b) when women who don’t know better buy into characterizations like Kate Hudson’s and think that this is how women should behave.

If women get it into their heads that this is how we should act in relationships with men then we will get what we are asking for: men who act like little boys. A man who acts like a little boy is not an equal partner and you will not find yourself part of a fulfilling relationship. Its the opposite of a relationship in which a man controls a woman and neither example is true of the relationships of myself, my friends and loved ones nor are those the relationships that anyone should aspire to.

So that’s my diatribe on romantic comedies.


I would like to say to dear Kate Hudson, though, that I am deeply disappointed. She’s a great actress and has a fantastic flair for comedy and she throws it away on characters and movies that are not only beneath her but which set a horrible example for her fellow women.

I think that one of the reasons so many women adore Angelina Jolie and the majority of men would give up one of their nuts to touch her is because she would never play a shrew. She knows that a good movie character is someone we can identify with or who we aspire to be and no one identifies themselves as a controlling shrew and no one aspires to be one.

Angelina would never play

Angelina would never play

an actual shrew

an actual shrew

I hope you will share your opinion on romantic comedies, Kate Hudson or film in general.

I also hope Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey never make a movie together again.



Again, an apropos title

Again, an apropos title


4 comments on “WTF, Kate Hudson?

  1. funny Zena. Actually I am one of those women that adore the vapidness of romantic comedies. It’s like reading a romance novel – just a cookie cutter plot and no brain time. That is the draw for me. I agree with you that if you look or pay attention to the plot it is incredibly annoying and not flattering to women at all, but when I watch these little movies, I basically just turn my brain off for 90 minutes and enjoy the rest.

    the one movie that I could not stand for women stereotyping was The Bachelor with Chris O’donnell and renee zellwhatever. The movie made out that the typical male is afraid of commitment and all women only want commitment.. yeesh. hated that movie. especially the end where all the brides are clammoring for his attention. yuck.

  2. You make a good point, Erin. I totally understand the mindless entertainment value and I have my own guilty pleasures in that vein. HGTV is a big one for me. That kind of brain-off time is awesome and sometimes just the thing we need. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  3. I had no idea women adored Angelina Jolie. The females I know have been lying to me. About the movies. HOW TO made one hundread million bucks. in business and in life people do what has proven succesful in the past.

  4. Hey… I actually found this whilst looking for a picture of a shrew :S You have made some really good observations though and I wholeheartedly agree with you! I would even go so far as to say that Romantic Comedies are poisoning otherwise healthy relationships in that ,oftentimes, viewers are left with a skewed sense of reality. When we start to buy into the idea that the characters portray attractive roles, we try to emulate them. Might I suggest that women may actually want a man? Sure, they might like the idea of being in a powerful position, but I don’t think it’s nearly as rosy when they get there.

    Anyhow. Enough babbling… Thanks for the picture of the shrew!


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