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WTF, Kate Hudson?

I think that one of the reasons so many women adore Angelina Jolie and the majority of men would give up one of their nuts to touch her is because she would never play a shrew. She knows that a good movie character is someone we can identify with or who we aspire to be and no one identifies themselves as a controlling shrew and no one aspires to be one.


Dear Blog – I’m cool

I know you’re gonna want to tell everyone you know me cuz I was rad enough to be a part of this and that’s cool with me. You do what you gotta do, blog.

Fast & Furious, if by furious you mean fun

The races are a tribal gathering and a battlefield fueled by adrenaline, Subway sandwiches, potato chips, sexual tension, Coke, Pepsi and raw, out-of-control speed.


To me perseverance is like the way a drug addict keeps coming back, looking for those luscious moments of great high and hoping they’ll last forever.