I Googled myself

You ever google yourself? Every now and then I do it. Today I did it in ‘images’.

There was a good amount of stuff pertaining to me, especially on the first couple pages. But then… it got a little ridiculous.

Before that, though, it was a good walk down memory lane. Stroll with me, will you?

Here are some of the images that come up when you put in Zena Leigh Logan:

zenaguns1This is one of my favorite pictures of me. This was the time I single handedly brought down the nefarious myspace self-portrait gang. They were easy to sneak up on because they were so intent on finding the perfect angle to get the best pictures of themselves and their emo haircuts. One of them turned the camera on me but wasn’t quick enough to get the drop because I’m just that fast… and I insulted his skinny jeans with hoodie look and he was blinded by self righteous tears.

lbn1Oh yeah, this one takes me back. This is the movie poster for a movie I was in a couple years ago. I play a doctor but I actually kill someone… on purpose. Based on a true story about how I got into USC.

best-bud2Okay, seriously, Officer, why this came up in association with my name I have no idea. No idea. It must be some sort of a joke. I bet this is another Zena’s. Someone needs to get control of these rambunctious Zenas just littering the internet with this paraphernalia. Seriously. I have no idea how that got on my google image search.

geekssketch1This is from a sketch done by my old sketch group:

funnybutton-350-full1I get very immersed in my roles. As you can see in the stage picture above. I am the one who looks like a bearded man wearing the black spider t-shirt. Its this ability to literally transform myself into another person that has elevated my career to such great heights and yet rendered me practically unrecognizable, thus protecting me from paparazzi and rabid fans alike.

monkey1In this picture you can see part of the transformation process as I become another character with the help of my makeup artist and hair stylist. Here I am playing the traditionally less attractive ‘best friend’ role in a Jennifer Aniston and/or Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy. Some days you’re really humbled by the fact that you may be having a great career but you’re still not good looking enough to play the leading lady. Better luck next life, my mom always tells me.

And then there were a bunch of pictures that weren’t even close to being about me. I mean, seriously, Google. Can’t you be a little less broad with your interpretation of’ ‘Zena Leigh Logan’?

overstreetzena1 Maybe this could be me in like 4,962 years.

pup1This cute little guy is not me either.

And seriously: headstone1

That’s just depressing.

I think its because this is who is running google: funny-cat1

What comes up when you search for your name?


3 comments on “I Googled myself

  1. Last week when I was @ SFO i was begging TSA to GOOGLE me. See I had left my drivers license in the singing cab. Two hours later the boss came out and said “Sorry you cant fly” and I just kept asking all the way to the BART “did you google me?” “Please just google me”

  2. Googling myself turned up an awful lot of pictures of people I’ve worked with who happen to be waaaaay more famous than me. Also a Scrabble tile, Dr. Phil and Jack Benny, also all more well-known than I but with no connection.

  3. Pardon my extra “also” above. A fine wordsmith I am, not proofing my work.

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